Schlöder EMC Test and Measurement Equipment

We develop and manufacture high-tech test equipment, software and accessories for EMC emission and immunity testing, which are used worldwide. With 30 years of experience in this field, we have become experts in ESD test systems, EFT/burst generators, surge generators, RF generators, power interruption simulators and customized solutions that deliver durability and innovation.


High quality carrying case for the target SESD 8800-4
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A solid storage / transport case is now available for the SESD 8800-4 / _S target.

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Distribution partnership HAEFELY AG, Switzerland with Schlöder GmbH
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HAEFELY AG, Switzerland, and Schlöder GmbH, Germany, are entering into a strategic sales partnership in the market for EMC products, in order to expand…

Our EMC product spectrum

EMC Test & Measurement

EMC Test & Measurement
Schloeder ESD Simulators, EMC Test Generators and Coupling Networks

EMC Cables & Wires

EMC Cables & Wires
Mains connection cable, cable by meter, mains cables for the audio sector from Kabelwerk Eupen

EMC Components

EMC Components
These products are sold only on the German market

This is what makes the products of Schlöder EMC test and measurement technology so special

In order to meet the strict requirements for our quality, we only work with reliable partners of many years. Our unique ferrite-sheathed cables (EMC/COM), which reliably prevent conducted and radiated interference, are manufactured exclusively for Schlöder in an elaborate process. Line filters and components complement our high-quality product portfolio. With our user-friendly design and corresponding software solutions, as well as a careful selection of accessories and components, we can cover many relevant EMC standards.

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Our profile is rounded off by comprehensive service: In every phase from product selection, installation to support, you will be accompanied by us competently and advised comprehensively. We handle every request quickly and without complications.

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Frequently asked questions about EMC test & measurement technology

The abbreviation stands for electromagnetic compatibility and refers to the ability of electrical devices or systems to function in an electromagnetic environment. And to do so faultlessly, without electromagnetic interference being introduced into this environment.

Electrically operated devices must not interfere with other devices during operation. They must also not be disturbed by other devices. Potential interference can be caused by electromagnetic effects or by conducted effects. In normal operation, any electrically operated device generates signals of an electrical and electromagnetic nature, which may affect other devices. This is the reason why legal limits have been set for immunity to interference (EMS) and emission of interference (EMI). With the help of an EMC test laboratory, compliance with these values must be proven.

This proof is a prerequisite, for example, for affixing the CE marking to products so that they may be introduced to the European market. There are also similar regulations for markets outside the European Union. However, other markets may have different rules and limits that must be complied with. For application areas such as aviation, medical technology or automotive, there are additional regulations.

External EMC certification may only be implemented by accredited laboratories. This requires a wide variety of EMC test and measurement equipment. This ensures that certification is a time-consuming and cost-intensive task. This is the reason why many companies react accordingly and try to identify EMC problems already during development so that they can be corrected accordingly. In this way, it is possible to avoid potential problems only coming to light during EMC certification, as this would interrupt the certification process in order to implement product changes. This not only has a negative impact on costs, but also on time-to-market.

The appropriate EMC test and measurement equipment can also be used for internal self-certification. Many EMC problems can be quickly identified, analyzed and eliminated. However, the purchase of EMC test and measurement equipment is also expensive and requires knowledge of these applications and standards.

We manufacture standard-compliant EMC test and measurement equipment that you need to ensure smooth workflows in your laboratory.

For EMC test and measurement equipment, the first thing to look for is the right choice of standard. This advice can be easily followed if there is an EMC product standard for the device or system to be tested. If this is not the case, the test is performed according to the basic EMC standards. In addition, the operating state for the measurement of the emitted interference should be observed. The same applies to the operating state for the immunity test. Also to be considered are malfunctions during the immunity test, for example by monitoring using an EMC-proof camera. Last but not least, it is also necessary to decouple the auxiliary devices, since only the function of the EUT is to be assessed.

As a rule, an electrical or electronic product falls under the EMC directive (2014/30/EU). This European directive defines products and the corresponding procedure. As soon as your product falls within the scope of this directive, you as the manufacturer are obliged to prove the conformity of your products with technical documentation. With a corresponding test report after a successful test, this proof can be easily provided in practice.

Depending on the required standards, a selection of different devices is available. You can find the corresponding test systems under our standards or contact our customer service directly.