Immunity, 10 kHz - 230 MHz / IEC 61000-4-6

CDN xxxCoupling / Decoupling networks (CDNs) more info
CDG A 31xxCalibration adapters for CDNs, 50 /150 Ohm matching adapter and mouting plate more info
CDN EMCL-20EM Clamp for cable diameters 20 mm more info
CDN EMCL-35EM Clamp for cable diameters 35 mm more info
CDN ABCL-20Decoupling clamp for cable diameter < 20 mm more info
CDN ABCL-35Decoupling clamp for cable diameter < 35 mm more info
CDN EMCL-NW_10Matching Network 10 kHz - 150 kHz for extending the range from CDN EMCL -20 to 10 kHz more info
CDN BCI-P1Clamp Bulk Current Injection (BCI) with Calibration Set more info
CDG CMP-45Current Monitoring Probe, Foldable, with Calibration Set more info
CDG CMP-46Current Monitoring Probe more info
CDG A CMP-46Calibration Set CDG CMP-46 more info
CDG 7050-20W6 dB Attenuator, 20 W more info
CDG 7006-100W6 dB Attenuator, 100 W more info
CDG_7020-50W20 dB Attenuator, 50 W more info
CDG A 50-10WTermination more info