Magnetic Field Calibrator

IEEE 664 conform

The magnetic field Calibrator CAL 1250 generates a 3-dimensional magnetic field. It enables the verification of components and systems, which measure magnetic fields or which react regarding magnetic influence.

Performance feature

  • Compact device
    The calibrator CAL 1250 is a compact device for generating and measuring electric fields at 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Signal generator, 3 precision power amplifier and a voltmeter are integrated. Field strenghts in the range of 10 mG to 1200 mG can be generated.
  • Definition of the measurement results
    Verifications are possible in the observation by A/m - µT - mG - dB(µA/m) or dB(pT).
  • Scope of delivery
    The three-dimensional Helmholtz coil MGA_HCST_50-28, the sensor coil MGA_LS 133 and a comfortable control software are included. The connection to the computer via USB.