Magnetic Field Generator and Analyzer

EN 55103
DO-160 Section 18 / 19
Automotive, IEC 61000-4-8 etc.

The compact magnetic field generator and analyzer MGA 1033 allows susceptibility tests against magnetic fields from DC to 250 kHz according the standard EN 55103-2 and there measurement according to EN 55103-1.
In addition, EMC tests are possible according to various standards such as automotive, avionic and MIL-STD. 

In combination with coupling transformers, the following tests are possible, for example:

- MGA ISS-19 - tests according to DO-160, Section 19,
- MGA CT 50-DO-160 - tests according to DO-160, Section 18,
- MGA CT 50-CS101 / MGA CT 100-CS101 - tests according to MIL-Std-461.

Performance features

  • Construction
    The MGA 1033 contains three independent modules:
    - Signal generator DC - 250 kHz
    - Power amplifier max. 800 W
    - Spectrum analyzer 16 Bit
    All three units can also be used as "stand-alone" devices
  • Full automatic testing
    In combination with a Triax-Helmholtz coil can be tested EUT in 3 axis without rotating the EUT. Magnetic field strenghts up to 1000 A/m at frequencies from DC to 1 kHz are possible. Smaller field strenghts can be achieved up to 250 kHz
  • Calibration of a Helmholtz coil
    In combination with a loop sensor (RLS 133 or LS 133), the Helmholtz coil can be calibrated. It can also custom coils are used. A calibration routine in the software of the MGA 1033 allowed linking of additional test agents.
  • Self-calibration
    Using an ultra-stable voltage source self-calibration correction values are stored in an internal EEPROM. Any voltage signal or voltage measurement device is calibrated as a self-calibration process automatically in about a minute.