ESD simulator 30 kV

ISO 10605
IEC / EN 61000-4-2

IEC / EN 61000-6-1 & -6-2
and others

The ESD simulator ONYX 30 from HAEFELY, Suisse is suitable for performing EMC tests on systems and equipment according to the standard ISO 10605 (ESD testing). The modular interchangeable RC units enable a wide range of tests.

ONYX 30 is an ergonomic test generator with up to 30 kV:
Air discharge (AIR) and contact discharge (CON).

Performance features

  • Simple operation
    An easy-to-use touch display allows settings to be made conveniently via a multilingual interface with the aid of an ergonomic design. Preset tests also facilitate operation.
  • Always ready for use 
    The simulator operates on battery power or mains power. Integrated LED light, and a temperature and humidity display allow trouble-free use in all types of sites.
  • Many features
    A unique self-test, verifies proper operation of all major components of the unit. With user-defined "smart key" functions, a charge absorber and automatic polarity switching.